Master Lightroom Classic like a Pro

Master Lightroom Classic like a Pro is the first course designed to take you from absolute beginner with no experience all the way up to advance user knowing all the main features and tools of Lightroom Classic and feeling confident using it.

I've created Master Lightroom Classic like a Pro just for you...

This is the first course where you’ll learn all the features and tools to use Lightroom Classic for professional photography, mostly focused on product photography. We’ll start with importing and organizing your photos then we’ll spend an entire module only on the editing part, which is the most important part, and we’ll finish discuss how to export images correctly.


Simple and straight to the point videos that you can follow step by step to master Lightroom Classic from zero. 

  • Preview Lightroom Classic Layout
  • Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic? (main differences and which one to choose)
  • Quiz: test your learning
  • How to import images on Lightroom 
  • How to organize your photos: catalog, folders, collections
  • How to rate the images: stars, flags, colors
  • Quiz: test your learning

  • How to create and import presets
  • Difference between copy\paste\snync\previous\reset
  • Quiz: test your learning
  • Histogram: what is it and how to use it
  • Different crop modes & rotate
  • How to use the Spot removal tool
  • How to use the linear, radial gradients and the brush adjustments
  • How to set the correct white balance, temperature and tint
  • How to get the right exposure and contrast
  • How to set the right highlights\shadows – white\blacks and how to avoid clipping
  • Difference between texture\clarity\dehaze
  • Difference between vibrance\ saturation
  • How to use HSL\COLOR ( hue, saturation, luminance)
  • How to use the detail panel (sharpering\noise reduction)
  • How to use the lens correction
  • How to use transform
  • How to apply effects (vignette\grain)
  • Quiz: test your learning
  • How to export your photos correctly
  • Quiz: test your learning
  • How to add a watermark to your photos
  • How to use tethering capture to import your photos and shoot live

What you'll learn in Master Lightroom Classic like a Pro

  • You’ll learn all the basic and advanced Lightroom Classic tools and features that you need for photography, mostly for product photography
  • You’ll understand the interface of Adobe Lightroom Classic software
  • You’ll be able to edit images of any complexity
  • You’ll learn how to achieve the perfect color correction and white balance
  • You will be able to level up your photos in just a few passages
  • You’ll create an efficient workflow that saves you a lot of time
  • You’ll be able to fix basic and more complex issues from your photos

  • You’ll organize and be able to easily find photos in the catalogue

  • You’ll edit just parts of your photo with brushes and filters
  • You’ll master sharpening and noise reduction to make your photos look professional
  • You’ll use and create your own Lightroom presets to speed up your editing
  • You’ll export high quality photos perfect for printing or posting online

Why Master Lightroom Classic like a Pro is different from other courses?

We’ll be here for you every step of the way: you will learn by yourself but you’ll never be alone. You can ask any questions and doubts about the course or anything correlated to this topic inside our community and if you have bigger difficulties while editing your photos, you can send them to us and you’ll receive a video tutorial explaining how to fix those issues. We’ve introduced the photo problem-solving via 1:1 video exactly to give maximum support to our students and help them achieve concrete results quickly.

Master Lightroom Classic like a Pro is for you if...

  • You are a beginner photographer and you want to learn how to use Lightroom Classic to enhance your photos
  • You heard that Lightroom Classic is difficult to learn but you know it’s one of the most powerful editing softwares
  • You want to improve and master your editing skills to level up your photos easily
  • You want to achieve clean, sharp and professional photos quickly
  • You want to be confident using Lightroom Classic knowing all the tools and features, even the most complex ones
  • You work with hundreds of images per project and want to speed up the editing
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and your job
  • You are a photographer who loves to create content for brands and you know the importance of retouching
  • You want to offer a better service to your clients and consequently getting more money
  • You’re already familiar with Lightroom Classic, but you’re not sure how to use all the tools and features inside it
  • You want to organize your photos properly and having an efficient workflow
  • You already know Lightroom but you are not sure if you are using it in the right and most efficient way

The complete program of Master Lightroom like a Pro:




QUIZZES at the end of each module to test your learning


LIFETIME ACCESS to all current and future lessons that we’ll regularly insert into the platform at no extra cost


1 MONTHLY PHOTO PROBLEM-SOLVING VIA 1:1 VIDEO: you have the possibility to send one photo a month with which you have particular problems and we’ll send you a video tutorial to help you fix those issues


What is the exclusive private Facebook group?

This group will be your life-saving!

Included with this course you’ll have the access to our exclusive private Facebook group where you’ll have the possibility to ask any questions or doubts in the group, to interact with other creators of the community and to receive feedbacks directly from us, just because we think it’s really important having the right support while you’re learning something new.

You no longer need to find the answers yourself or spending hours looking for them on Youtube or Google.

Why Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom Classic is an excellent program that has many handy features that make Lightroom perfect for professional photography, also for product photography. 

Lightroom is a photo manipulation software that allows photo management, cataloguing, editing and adjusting. Mastering Lightroom can really improve your photos and level up the quality of your work.

In 2017 Lightroom was split into two programs with many shared features, but significant distinctions – Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC.

Inside the course I spent one entire lesson to discuss the main differences between these two versions but in a few words, I tell you now that Lightroom CC is best for casual, on-the-go mobile photographers while Lightroom Classic is best for professional photographers, including product photography.

Each version has pros and cons but the main cons of Lightroom Classic is that it seems more difficult and complex to learn. This is exactly the reason why I’ve created this course: I’ll take you from absolute beginner with no experience all the way up to advance user knowing all the main features of Lightroom Classic and feeling confident using it!

Hey, I'm Rebecca!

I’m the product photographer of Stilltips Studio and the founder of Creative Media Academy.

I was born in Italy and here I graduated in Photography and New Media. During this time, I learned about Adobe Lightroom and general retouching. During the first pandemic, I had the possibility to think about my real purpose and exactly in this period Stilltips Studio came out!

At first as a normal hobby, then, step by step, I started to specialize in product photography and videography, turning my passion into a real business.

As a product photographer, I know how much is important the editing part during the photography process and how much work there is behind a final commercial image.

My editing work process always starts in Lightroom, by importing the photos, organising and rating them; I then make all the basic adjustments here in Lightroom and only after it, I step to Photoshop if I need to make more complex retouches on each photo.

I created this course because Lightroom Classic has so many tools and features that someone as a beginner can be really confused about what to do (as I was when I got started…) and because I know how much is frustrating spending hours and hours looking for the specific tutorial that you need.

I’m really excited to teach you everything I know and help you enjoy and master the editing process in Lightroom Classic!

Level up your editing skills and learn how to be efficient during the first part of the post-production!

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not! If you are a beginner in Lightroom Classic, we will discuss all tools and features that you need to know from zero. If you’re already familiar with Lightroom Classic, but you’re not sure how to perform the editing correctly, this course will give all clues you need. 

All the video-lessons are on Thinkific platform: once you create your account and you make the purchase, you will straight access to the entire course. You can follow the lessons from your computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need is an Internet connection.

This course teaches you how to improve your editing skills with Adobe Lightroom Classic, so, of course, you must have it installed on your computer. To do it, you can visit and choose the best plan for your needs. Just for the photographers, Adobe offers a package of $9.99/mo. that contains Photoshop and Lightroom.

Once you get it, you’ll get lifetime access! The course consists of +24 video lessons, you can watch and rewatch them comfortably when and where you want. Also, I’ll regularly add new tutorials and lessons to the platform and you’ll have the access to them at no extra cost.

You can pay online by credit card, prepaid or Paypal.

Of course you can! You can write to and we’ll answer in less than 24h!