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Improve your photography and editing skills through our simple and innovative online classes, powerful community and personalized 1:1 lessons.

Online learning designed for photographers' busy lives

Improve your editing and photography skills without putting life on hold. All our online classes are simple, straight to the point and accessible everywhere. They are suitable for all photographers who want to learn quickly and immediately put into practice what they have learned.

Our online courses

All the lessons are simple, to-the-point and accessible everywhere. You will learn quickly and easily by putting it into practice right away.

The Magic Of Photoshop (for Product photography)

This is the first course designed to give you all necessary tips and tools to level up your product photos in Adobe Photoshop easily and quickly.

Master Lightroom Classic like a pro

This course is designed to take you from absolute beginner with no experience all the way up to advance user knowing all the main features and tools of Lightroom Classic CC.

This is why, genuinely,
our courses are different from others

We’ll be here for you every step of the way: you will learn by yourself but you will never be alone. You can ask any questions and doubts about our courses or anything correlated to retouching inside our communities and if you have bigger difficulties while editing your photos, you can send them to us and you’ll receive a video tutorial explaining how to fix those issues. In all the editing courses we’ve introduced the photo problem-solving via 1:1 video exactly to give maximum support to our students and help them achieve concrete results quickly.

Do you want to start a career as a professional photographer quickly?

Join our 1:1 online coaching programs! You’ll follow personalized lessons created according to your needs and goals to improve your knowledge and skills fast.

Why to choose Create Media Academy


The academy was founded by a professional product photographer who already went through the process you're going right now. She knows exactly what is important to succeed in photography and retouching and what is not and she wants to share her knowledge with as many photographers as she can.

Personalized Support

In our Academy we always give the best support to our students answering their questions and doubts, providing real feedbacks and offering 1:1 personalized online lessons to discuss specific photography topics according to their needs.

Innovative and enjoyable

All the online courses are designed for photographers' busy lives so the lessons are simple, straight to the point and accessible everywhere. Our goal is that students improve their skills quickly but at the same time enjoy what they're learning.

Community and connection

In our Academy we believe on the power of the community. For this reason when you join our courses you'll also have access to a private community where you can ask questions or doubts and interact with other students that are going through your same journey.

About us

Create Media Academy was born to help photographers level up their skills and enjoy what they learn through innovative online courses about photography and retouching. The academy is founded by Rebecca, an Italian product photographer who currently works with brands all over the world. 

Rebecca was born in Italy and here she graduated in Photography and New Media. During this time, she learned about photography and retouching. During the first pandemic, she had the possibility to think about her real purpose and exactly in this period she founded Stilltips Studio to help many brands create product photos and videos to promote their products online.

At the same time, she always spent time to help many beginners photographers to start their photography business. After the success of the first version of “The Magic of Photoshop course” , she decided to create a real online academy designed for photographers to help them develop their skills through an innovative learning method. Her aim is that student improve their knowledge fast and at the same time enjoy what they’re learning. 

What students say about our online courses...​

The Magic of Photoshop Course

Rebecca is a great teacher, and this course will help all new product photographers. This is actually my first Photoshop course focused on product photos and it taught me all the fundamentals to level up my images. Love that it also has trending editing styles! Highly recommend!

Rushanthi Kesunathan

The Magic of Photoshop Course

Rebecca explains wonderfully and each lesson is concrete and can be applied immediately. I like that I can always go back and watch the course again. I am also looking forward to new lessons. Since I have been on the course, I have improved my work and business a lot, so the investment in this course has returned to me many times over. I am delighted with the course and would recommend it to all product photographers 🙂

Dragana Mitrovic

The Magic of Photoshop Course

Rebecca's course is really worth the investment. Every single lesson is easy to understand. I really enjoyed the course and definitely recommend Create Media Academy for anyone who's looking for Product photo editing course.

Sweet Steffanie

The Magic of Photoshop Course

I've only watched a few videos so far, but so so pleased with how Rebecca teaches the course. It's very clear and straight forward - just how it should be. This course has helped me learn new, faster ways to edit in photoshop and I'm glad I didn't hesitate to purchase this course.

Inyoung Kang

The Magic of Photoshop Course

I love photography but when it comes to Photoshop I have chills it seems everything so complicated, but not anymore after I got Rebecca’s Magic of Photo Editing Course everything is easier, videos are short directly to subject, she explains and shows every single tool, and even show the full photo editing of the work she does. I love it ! Oh yes and did I said the price is Amazing for such valuable information ? Well it is !

Doina Crucerescu

The Magic of Photoshop Course

This course is really helpful for photoshop beginners in product photography like me, it starts from explaining basics to complex editing and also includes live streaming editing lessons to understand it better.

Maryam Khuzema

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